VARIOFILL, compressed-air ice cream filler machine for cups and containers, for use with food and non-food products. In particular, the machine can operate with artisan gelato containing pieces (max 10 mm) of fruit, nougat, dried fruit, granules, etc.

Cylinder capacity

The cylinder capacity is 15 l of gelato

Adjustable pressure

It allows to work with various products having different consistency

Dispensing control

Manual- or foot-operated control for easy use

Approximate production

– 680 portions/hour, about 50 g
– 450 portions/hour, about 75 g
– 335 portions/hour, about 100 g
– 220 portions/hour, about 150 g

Safety devices

Variofill is equipped with all safety elements. It is even safe in the event of a user’s error.

Automatic washing

Automatic washing of cylinder and spout. Easy to use, assures high hygiene.

Equipped with wheels

Mounted on wheels for easy moving and cleaning.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - ruote

A good choice

A real alternative to expensive dosing machines which cannot process artisan gelato with solid pieces in the product.

Typical buyers

This ice cream filler is ideal for gelato producers aiming to fill ready-packed cups or thermal containers of various sizes. Easy for any other type of filling with food or non-food products.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Max Cilinder Capacity Min portion Max portion Portions 100 g/h
VARIOFILL 50x65x126 cm 2 A - 0,25 kW V 230 - 50 - 1 15 L 100 g 1000 g 500 max.