Termocrema 30, Termocrema 60

With 14 preset cycles, each processing operation occurs in our cream cookers at the desired temperatures and at the optimal mixing speed. There are 10 production cycles programmable for specific recipes. Multi-language liquid-crystal display. Temperatures are adjustable from +1 to +105°C.

Two-part lid

Transparent two-part lid that can be  opened without interrupting the mixing. Different stirring speeds of the beater according to the specific product.

Variable quantity treatment

Use of half or full vat.

Electronics with multi-language liquid-crystal display

With 14 preset automatic programmes. Each operation occurs at the desired temperatures and at the optimal mixing speed. The display or the buzzer indicate when ingredients must be added and when the step is finished. There are also 10 programmables cycles for personal recipes. Automatic recall and repetition of the last cycle in case of power failure.

Automates and speeds up

Automates and speeds up all operations requiring manual work, effort and time, guaranteeing excellent hygiene in the  process.

Mixes, blends and stirs

Mixes, blends and stirs,  at the required temperature, for the necessary time and at the preset speed, all ingredients: milk, cream, powdered milk, flours, fruit, sugar, dextrose, eggs, emulsifying agents, stabilizers, etc. needed for the classic creams, cake & pastry specialities, gastronomical products and various mixes for gelato specialities.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - ciclo temperatura

Cools and preserves

Completes pasteurization, preventing the growth of residual bacteria, holds the products obtained at the temperature required by the relevant regulations and put them under vacuum-pack if necessary.

Typical buyers

Cake & pastry producers, gelato shops, chocolate makers, delicatessen, restaurants and all communities which prepare and offer the infinite variety of products that cream cookers can produce.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle kg Lenght of working cycle minutes
TERMOCREMA 30 55x65x115 cm A 9,5 - kW 4,5 V 400 - 50 - 3 air/water 15÷30 90÷130
TERMOCREMA 60 55x65x120 cm A 16 - kW 9 V 400 - 50 - 3 water 30÷60 90÷130