Floor model with high production capacity, with two cylinders for two flavours and one mixed soft ice cream. The mix storage tanks have a 14×2 L capacity. Independent electronics and refrigeration for each cylinder means that different types of mixes can be used. The machine can be operated by supplying from a single cylinder, leaving the other one inactive. The cylinders are fed by pressurization pumps which are rinsed by water passage and are not daily disassembled.

Materials in contact with the mix and the ice cream

The panels and the components in contact with the mix and the ice cream are of stainless steel or approved materials for food that guarantee the best hygiene and comply with health standards.

macchina per gelato soft 1

Pressurization pumps

These models are fed with pressurization pumps which guarantee a remarkable overrun of the ice cream. The incorporated air allows an extraordinary texture of the dispensed product, both ice cream and yogurt are extremely creamy. Pumps are rinsed  by pressure and are not daily dismantled.

Refrigerated storage tanks

The refrigerated storage tanks for the mix have the following capacities:
– SOFTGEL 400 P – L 14 x 2

Electronic controls

The electronics, controlling the various functions, mix temperature, product consistency and conservation, guarantee optimal operation, high output and better preserve the consistency of the ice cream during longer conservation time.

Easy to use

Washing and sanitizing are quick and easy and the best hygiene is guaranteed. The single pieces and components in contact with the mix and the ice cream can be manually disassembled and assembled without tools.

Typical buyers

Commercial frozen yogurt machines for anyone who wanto to immediately start selling frozen desserts which are popular and highly profitable. In fact, the soft ice cream machine is extremely user-friendly, it dispenses the product rapidly and can be used with ready-made ingredients.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Reserve L Hourly prod.
75gr cones
Hourly production L
SOFTGEL 400 P TWIN 60x72x150 cm A 12 - kW 4,5 V 400 - 50 - 3 air 2x14 400 30