SOFTGEL 320, 336

Basic, gravity fed soft ice cream machine, built according to the principle that what is not in, cannot wear out or be damaged. Easy to use, their daily maintenance requires very little time.

Compact structure, reduced sizes

They perform in  limited space as: aging vat, ice cream-making machine, conserving and dispensing machine.

Mix conservation

They conserve the mix at +4°C in  refrigerated storage tanks which have following capacities:
– SOFTGEL 112 – L 6
– SOFTGEL 320 – L 6 x 2
– SOFTGEL 336 – L 8 x 2

Mix and freeze

They incorporate air into the mix and turn it into ice cream. They store a quantity of ready ice cream in the cylinders.

Instantly dispense, easy to clean.

They instantly dispense ice cream when necessary. Washing and sanitizing requires very little time and the best possible hygiene is guaranteed.

Typical buyers

A soft ice cream machine is convenient for anyone with limited space and knowledge for traditional production. Anyone can benefit from the significant incomes offered by selling soft ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Reserve L Hourly prod.
75gr cones
Hourly production L
SOFTGEL 320 50x55x70 cm A 13 - kW 2,4
V 230 - 50 - 1

A 10 - kW 2,4
V 400 - 50 - 3
air 2x6 180 13,5
SOFTGEL 336 50x55x145 cm A 10 - kW 3,8
V 400 - 50 - 3
air 2x8 300 22,5