Prima 2, Prima 5

PRIMA 2 and PRIMA 5, excellent value, functional whipped cream machine, suitable for small/medium enterprises and available at a reasonable price. These machines keep the liquid cream at 4°C, turn it into whipped cream by passage through the labyrinth allowing manual dispensing.

Transparent lid

The transparent lid allows easy control of the quantity of liquid cream in the reserve tank, avoiding continuous useless opening causing a loss of temperature.

Rotative pumps

Equipped with rotative pumps, they process light or heavy creams to get the desired type of whipped cream.

Complete refrigeration

Both liquid and whipped cream are suitably refrigerated along the entire process in the whipped cream machine up to the dispensing nozzle.

whipped cream machine up

Removable tank

The removable tank, indirectly cooled, keeps the liquid cream in perfect conditions and does not separate the fats from the watery parts. It also allows production to be stopped at any time and facilitates washing, guaranteeing hygiene.

Technical data

Model Characteristics Width/Depth/Height Power Reserve L
Prima 2 Refrigerated 25x41x40 cm 4 A - 0,3 kW V 230 - 50 - 1 2
Prima 5 Refrigerated 28x44x40 cm 4 A - 0,4 kW V 230 - 50 - 1 5