HBF 50-70, HBF 70-100

Our horizontal batch freezers prepare larger quantities compared to other machines of the same power. They perform effectively and quickly the processing cycle, producing dry gelato with optimal structure and scoopability, allowing an average overrun of 40% and a remarkable creaminess of gelato. They perform efficient and total extraction of the product.

Horizontal cylinders

For a better processing of the product. Homogeneous thermo-mechanical treatment produces fine creamy gelato.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - orizzontale
mantecatore per gelato HBF - agitatore

Helicoidal stainless steel beater

Electro-polished helicoidal stainless steel beater, fitted with removable scraper elements to  use all the power of the compressors.

Dispensing device

Wide dispensing device with protection grid, in compliance with standards; at the end of the cycle it allows  optimal dispensing of gelato ready for immediate sale.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - erogatore
mantecatore per gelato HBF - lento e veloce

Slow or quick dispensing

To garnish tubs or draw off very rapidly.

Time-controlled cycle

For an ideal gelato texture and consistency.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - ciclo tempo
mantecatore per gelato HBF - ciclo temperatura

Temperature-controlled cycle

For the best possible gelato conservation

Adjustable programmes

11 preset adjustable  programmes and 3 to be set. In all programmes functioning  of the beater can always be modified.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - comandi1

Flexibility with variables quantities

For an optimal use according to needs.

Equipped with wheels

For easy movement

mantecatore per gelato HBF - ruote
ice cream churner machine - front

Washing unit (optional)

For  correct sanitizing and maximum hygiene, allows various types of uses: guide the water jet or establish the correct flow; clean more than one machine at a time; mix hot and cold water (on request).

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle kg Lenght of working cycle minutes Hourly production L
HBF 50-70 51X75X152 cm A 15 - kW 6,7 V 400 - 50 - 3 water 3÷10 5÷12 70
HBF 70-100 51X75X152 cm A 21 - kW 7,5 V 400 - 50 - 3 water 4÷15 5÷12 100