Gel 9

Professional gelato machine with automatic extraction, single-phase, compact size, easy to install and use:
– pour in the required amount of mix
– select the refrigerating time
– start beater and compressor
– the buzzer sounds at the end of the cycle and the gelato can be extracted automatically

Time cycle

To achieve the desired structure and consistency.

mantecatore per gelato HBF - ciclo tempo

Transparent lid

It allows mixing and freezing steps to be followed.

Adjustable scraper elements

To use all refrigerating power.

industrial ice cream machine detail

Automatic extraction

Gelato is drawn off rapidly at the end of the cycle and is ready for sale.

Typical buyers

A professional gelato maker machine suitable for restaurants, all premises and communities for which daily production and sale of gelato represent a seasonal or complementary business.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle kg Lenght of working cycle minutes Hourly production L
GEL 9 41x51x59 cm A 8 - kW 1,5 V 230 - 50 - 1 air 2 10÷20 9÷18 ice-cream gelato/slush