Gel 5 , Gel 10, Poker

Professional ice cream makers with manual extraction and electro-mechanical controls, extremely easy to use. They mix and freeze incorporating air into the mix. The homogenous thermo-mechanical treatment produces fine creamy gelato. They can produce classic granita and traditional sorbet. Powered with single-phase current, only minimal maintenance is required.

Compact size

Professional gelato-making machines, easy to use also in small kitchens.

Transparent lid

Allowing mixing and freezing steps to be followed.

Vertical Cylinder

Easy to fill, it simplifies use, provides effective mixing and freezing: gelato rises, then falls by gravity. The walls and the bottom of the cylinder transmit the available cooling power .

Typical buyers

This professional gelato makers are suitable for restaurants and all premises and communities for which daily production and sale of gelato represent a seasonal or complementary business.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle kg Lenght of working cycle minutes Hourly production L
Gel 5 41x46x32 cm A 4,5 - kW 0,6 V 230 - 50 - 1 air 1 15÷20 5÷10
icecream gelato/slush
Gel 10 46x85 cm A 7,5 - kW 1 V 230 - 50 - 1 air 2 10÷20 10÷20
icecream gelato/slush
Poker 39x50x56x40 cm A 7,5 - kW 1 V 230 - 50 - 1 air 2 10÷15 10÷20
icecream gelato/slush