Evopastò 30, Evopastò 60 e 60A, Evopastò 120, Evopastò 180

Built with high quality materials and components, TELME ice cream mix pasteurizer protect the organoleptic properties of the ingredients. Indirect thermal treatments use a food-safe heat-conducting liquid.

Transparent lid

It allows pasteurizing steps to be followed and ingredients to be added at any time. The lid is in polycarbonate (steel for model 180).

pastorizzatore per gelato top
ice cream pasteurizer front

Simple, functional electronics

Temperatures can be adjusted in these fields:
heating from +60°C to +90°C, cooling from +20°C to 0°C
Mix heating, factory setting +85°C
Mix cooling, factory setting +4°C
The simple and functional electronics automatically select the heating  maintenance time according to the chosen pasteurizing temperature.

Dispensing tap

The dispensing tap with built-in washing guarantees constant, perfect hygiene after each dispensing and at the end of the operation it can be dismantled without tools. A rotating drip tray under the tap helps to keep the floor clean.

pastorizzatore gelato - rubinetto
pastorizzatore gelato - vasca dall'alto

Product Vat

Built in one single piece with wide radius corners  to optimize the flow of the mix and facilitate cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene. The mixer in models 30, 60, 120 is located in a pot which also guarantees the complete flow out of the mix, that in model 180 is allowed by the inclined tub.

The buyers of the ice cream mix pasteurizers

Gelato shops and producers of artisan ice cream where the ice cream mix pasteurizer is absolutely necessary for a correct, healthy self-made production of the mix. All activities and communities for which the daily sale or supply of gelato reaches significant quantities:
pastry shops, dairy shops, hotels, camping sites, sports centres, leisure centres, state schools,  summer camps, hospitals, barracks, factories, etc…

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle L Lenght of working cycle minutes
EVOPASTÒ 30 42x78x110 cm 7 A - 4 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 air/water 15÷30 80÷120
EVOPASTÒ 60 42x78x110 cm 12 A - 7,6 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 water 30÷60 100÷120
EVOPASTÒ 60 A 42x103x110 cm 13,5 A - 7,8 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 air 30÷60 100÷120
EVOPASTÒ 120 72x78x110 cm 21 A - 14 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 water 60÷120 100÷120
EVOPASTÒ 180 62x100x115 cm 25 A - 17 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 water 90÷180 100÷150