Cremagel 5 Cremagel 10

Automate and speed up all operations requiring manual work, effort and time, guaranteeing constant quality processing with excellent hygiene. Many are the pastry products which can be automatically prepared with Cremagel: custard cream, crème anglaise, butter cream, bavarian cream, fruit jam, fruit sauce, nocella sauce, mousse, icing, panna cotta, zabaione, catalan cream, pudding, caramel sauce, gelatine, marshmallow, etc.

Mix and blend

Mix and blend, at the required temperature, for the necessary time and at the preset speed, all ingredients (milk, cream, powdered milk, flour, fruit, sugar, dextrose, eggs, emulsifying agents, stabilizers, etc.), needed for classic creams, cake & pastry specialities, gastronomical products and various mixes for gelato. Beater with mobile scraper elements, with the choice between slow, fast or
intermittent stirring speed, suitable to the specific product processed.

Indirect thermal treatments

Indirect heating treatments by means of food safe heat-conducting liquid that protect the organoleptic properties of the ingredients. The cylinder is vertical which means it is easy to fill, the product is always visible and ingredients can be added at any time.

Hydrate, heat, sanitize e cook

Hydrate solid parts; heat and melt fats and chocolate; sanitize and eliminate pathogenic bacteria; cook and vaporize water in excess.

mantecatori per gelato - temperatura

Cool, shock, hold and freeze

Cool and complete pasteurization preventing the growth of residual bacteria; shock freeze avoiding manipulation and preserving
nutritional qualities, colour and organoleptic characteristics; hold the various products obtained at the temperature required by the relevant regulations; optimally freeze preparing gelato, sorbetto and granita of remarkable quality.

3 specific programmes

P1C automatic cycle for hot preparation;
P2F automatic cycle for cold preparation;
P3C automatic cycle for hot-cold preparation.
Temperatures variable from +99°C to -15°C.The temperatures are adjustable and the thermal treatments are performed in a single cylinder to ensure best hygiene. Automatic recall of the last cycle and repetition of the cycle in case of power failure.

Typical buyers

Cake & pastry producers, gelato makers, chocolate makers, delicatessen, restaurants and all catering activities preparing and offering the infinite variety of products which Cremagel can produce.

Technical data

Model Width/Depth/Height Power Condensation Max. mix per cycle kg Lenght of working cycle minutes
CREMAGEL 5 49x60x110 cm 6 A - 3 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 air 1÷5 15÷30
CREMAGEL 10 49x60x110 cm 8 A - 5 kW V 400 - 50 - 3 air/water 3÷10 8÷40