Gelato and Pastry

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Features and particular advantages of TELME EVOPASTÓ


  1. Built with high quality materials and components, TELME pasteurizers protect the organoleptic characteristics of the ingredients.
  2. Indirect  thermal treatments use a heat-conducting food-safe liquid.
  3. EVOPASTÓ functions:
    – mix and blend ingredients: milk, cream, powdered milk, sugar, dextrose, eggs, emulsifyng agents, stabilizers etc…,
    – heat and sanitize: melt fats, chocolate and eliminate most pathogenic bacteria,
    – cool and preserve: complete pasteurizing preventing the growth of residual bacteria and keep the mix at the best temperature in compliance with relevant regulations.
  4. This brings further benefits:
    – better performance of flavouring
    – hydration of stabilizing agents and solid parts
    – solubilization of sugars
    – melting and uniform suspension of fats in the mix
    – (final) more stable emulsion

  1. Transparent lid (it allows pasteurizing steps to be followed)
  2. The thermal treatments of the mix, heating up to 85°C and then cooling down to 4°C, are rapidly performed.
  3.  The simple and functional electronics automatically select the heating  maintenance time according to the chosen temperature. The electronic unit has also a “smart” memory which automatically repeats the pasteurizing cycle in case of power failure.
  4. The dispensing tap with built-in washing guarantees constant, perfect hygiene after each dispensing and at the end of the operation.
  5. The vat  is fitted with a discharging pot or is inclined to allow complete flow out of the mix.
  6. All components in contact with the product can be removed without tools for daily maintenance.

Features and common advantages of TELME VBF Vertical Batch Freezers

  1. Economical to purchase in comparison with similar machines of equal power.
  2. Vertical cylinders (better transmission of available refrigeration through cylinder walls and bottom).
  3. Transparent lid (allowing a perfect view of all steps in  the freezing process)
  4. Time controlled cycle (to get the ideal gelato texture and consistency)
  5. Flexibility and variable quantity (for optimal use accoding to the needs).
  6. Washing unit (to allow correct sanitizing and maximum hygine).
  7. Self-diagnosis (facilitating technical assistance)

  1. Extremely compact dimensions (for easy installation even in small labs)
  2. Easy filling and ingredients adding
  3. Removable scraper elements (to make the best use of all the power of the modern refrigerating compressors, thanks to the effective action of the scraper elements pushed against the cylinder by the mass of gelato).
  4. Temperature-controlled cycle (for the best possible gelato conservation)
  5. 25-30% average overrun and a product of traditional structure with well-defined flavour.
  6. Mounted on wheels (for easy moving)