Commercial courses

Informazioni generali

The commercial courses are held by the sales managers and take place at Telme premises.
Each distributor’s sales representatives are kindly requested to enroll at least 15 days before the the event.
Subscribers are accepted up to 25 people.

Addressed to

National and international sales representatives of the distribution network in gelato sector.


  • Gelato (general concenpts)
  • Current regulations
  • Gelato machines (according to category and usage purpose)
  • Current market
  • Potential market
  • Marketing mix and its optimal usage
  • Demos and open days
  • How to open a gelateria
  • Marketing tools and actions


You are kindly requested to respect the timetable and, if necessary, to arrive the evening before the beginning of the training.
Timetable: from 9.00 to 12.30am / from 2.00 to 6.00pm

First day:

  • Company tour, presentation of gelato and current regulations.
  • Presentation of gelato machines and current regulations.
  • The current and the potential market
  • Questions and Answers

Second day:

  • Marketing, demos / open day.
  • How to open a gelateria.
  • Promotional tools and actions
  • Questions and Answers



Month Arrival day Development of the course Course Addressed to
November 2017 12 13 – 14 Commercial (Italian) Network national retailers




TELME will cover all food and accomodation costs for its commercial network.


The courses for TELME commercial network are free.

Minimum number of participants

– Commercial Course at least 5 participants

Commercial Advanced Courses

General information

They will be organized on request of people having specific working experience in this sector. Dates and programmes will be defined when necessary.